Mekorot cerca nuovi partner

Israel seeks digital plan to cut water’s energy bill

Israel’s national water company, Mekorot, is looking for private partners to help develop a new IT system to help manage the body’s massive energy bill.
Mekorot, which is responsible for water and wastewater systems serving more than 8 million people in Israel, said that the cost of energy to operate its water network is one of the biggest operational issues facing the group.
As part of its long-term strategy for efficiency and cost reduction, it is looking to implement a digital solution to help plan water flow, and control and monitor infrastructure operations in a more streamlined way.
Assets controlled by Mekorot include water production, storage and transmission systems that account for around 68% of total water supply in Israel, as well as major wastewater handling facilities.
A request for proposals has been issued, and final submissions for the programme are due on 23rd December.
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