Pubblichiamo la sensazionale notizia del trapianto osseo della mandibola, tecnologia tridimensionale di AB Dental

Doctors from Hospital Poria in Tiberias printed and implanted the jaw joint mouth of David Goldstein, 64, which had cancer. The doctors: “In the past, such a surgery lasted six hours, nowadays two hours analysis time. It returns the patient to the quality of life almost immediately”


Eventually, he was admitted into the oral and maxillofacial Surgery Hospital, where he underwent a series of tests. The tests revealed that the jaw has a lesion of the size of 5 inches, which absorb back of the jaw. A biopsy revealed that the cancer metastasis.

Director of the Department, Dr. Imad Abu Al Naag, explained that it is not customary to analyze metastatic jaw, but on the other oncological treatment – radiation and chemotherapy does not solve the problem.
“After discussions with oncologists at Rambam and Sheba Hospital, we decided to make an uncommon move and operate,” described Dr. Abu al Naag the process. “we held several discussions with the team of-AB Dental, implant manufacturers; it was decided to reconstruct the jaw joint in three-dimensional printing technology.” AB-Dental create a completely accurate replica of David’s jaw. This allows to locate the exact spot jaw, and the important part is that it allows infinitely better performance compared to plates used in the past. On Thursday 07-04-2016, they analyzed and operate the patient and implanted the printed jaw and joint. That same day, the patient reported that he felt better and began to eat.

In the past, there was not used to reconstruct the jaw joint after resection. This successful operation shows that in the era of three-dimensional, can and must restore the joint, thereby preserving the appearance of the face and restore a fully functioning patient in almost immediately.Another advantage of the new method is durability, in the past the plates were broken due to fatigue. The new braces produced from titanium and printed in three dimensions respectively of 100% original jaw, so the chances of break much lower.